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  5. "She does not bike."

"She does not bike."

Translation:Zij fietst niet.

July 23, 2014



shouldnt the translation be she does not cycle


Lies everybody bikes there.


> You have a typo in your answer. > ze fietst niet

I wonder why is it a typo?


I got the same thing. They gave the two possible answers as "Ze fiets niet" and "Zij fietst niet". It might be some weird exception, so I don't know if this should be reported or not...


Everytime I read this sentence I translate it in my head as "Zij doet niet fiets" but then I remember that biking is a verb.


Really, anyone of moderators or people, who understand this variant, could explain about it? Why are there only 2 possible correct answers: "Ze fiets niet" and "Zij fietst niet"? Do we have there an exception or a mistake made?! Please, someone, explain it.. I have written "Ze fietst niet" like other people also, and it has showed me as the false answer :(


There was a spelling mistake in the system "Ze fiets niet" while it should have been "Ze fietst niet", still it should have only said that it was a typo. If it acts up again, report it and highlight "my sentence should be accepted.


Thank you for clearness :)


In English should be " she doesnt cycle"

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