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"Je pense qu'il ne pourra jamais pardonner."

Translation:I think he will never be able to forgive.

May 1, 2020



"I think that he will never be able to forgive." was not accepted should be, right? I know most English speakers would leave out "that" but it wouldn't be wrong IMHO.


Totally agree. It was my answer too. It should be accepted.


"I think that he will never be able to forgive" - marked wrong 25 Oct 2020 although this is a literal translation and is idiomatic to English


It's still marked wrong on 7 Nov 2020, but it is a perfect English translation.


I think that more often in English one would make the first part negative: I don't think that he will ever be able to forgive.


"I think that he will never be able to forgive" is still being rejected on 15 December 2020, which is unforgiveable. I respect the fact that whilst 'that' or 'que' is required in French it is optional in English. However, that doesn't make it wrong to use it. I have reported it, as have others, so far to no avail. C'mon, Duo!

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