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"J'ai choisi de ne plus venir au bureau le lundi."

Translation:I chose to no longer come to the office on Mondays.

May 1, 2020



More natural English would be, I chose to stop coming to the office on Mondays.


OR 'I have chosen to not come to the office on Mondays any more.'

This also back-translates to:

J'ai choisi de ne plus venir au bureau le lundi.


This may be a fair, if very cumbersome translation. If we were at the office then we would be more likely to say "I chose not to come to the office anymore on Mondays." if we were speaking outside the office we would say "I chose not to go to the office anymore on Mondays".


A few minutes ago a sentence ended with "à la plage dimanche". No article. Now it's "le lundi". Which way is correct? Je ne comprends pas.


On Mondays, synonymous with every Monday, has the definite article le. For on Monday, when referring to the particular Monday in the future or in the past closet to the present time, lundi will be be used without the article. You might want to chech back whether the example without le was for on Monday or on Mondays.


I agree with both previous comments. i hate the way the' no longer' splits the infinitive

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