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  5. "I eat ham at breakfast."

"I eat ham at breakfast."

Translation:Je mange du jambon au petit déjeuner.

May 1, 2020



Please can someone tell me why it is sometimes de and sometimes du? I put de cafe and it was right and de jambon and it was wrong..ie du. Je ne le comprends pas.


Unless you put something before "de café" it should have been "du café". "De café" means "of coffee" (or "no coffee" if it's a negative sentence).


Why 'du jambon' ? Can't we use 'le' here? Will someone please enlighten.


 There's a difference between the definite article le (the) and the partitive article du used for an amount of something, and that you could usually translate by some in english.

    Je mange du jambon au petit déjeuner I eat ham at breakfast.
    Je mange le jambon au petit déjeuner I eat the ham at breakfast.


du jambon or de jambon; I think I've seen both


You should have seen both, since both need to be understood.


Why is there no "du" in front of ham in the hover words if it's part of the answer?


If it is supposed to be "I eat ham...", why isn't it "le jambon?" If it was I eat some ham at breakfast it would be du jambon, no?


"Le jambon" would mean either "the ham" or "ham in general", neither of which fits here.

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