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"M' eudail, a bheil croit agad?"

Translation:My darling, do you have a croft?

May 1, 2020



I seem to be clearly hearing "thu" in the spoken clip.


Wouldn't that be the same sound bite (first sentence) that clicking the blue words direct you to? Sounds fine to me...


Sorry, I wasn't clear. The clip DOES appear to say "thu" but if you type this in your response it is incorrect. I am hearing one thing but the correct response appears to omit the "thu" - or maybe it's my hearing!


The 'agad' refers to 'you' in this case, so no 'thu' necessary.

You seem to be having a good time learning Gaelic, judging by your level. ;-)


Yes, I agree the "thu" unnecessary but i'm still convinced the speaker says it. :) I am loving the course - enjoyed it all the way through but the revision is proving to be the real learning part.


If I go to the vocabulary entry for croit and listen to the recording of M' eudail, a bheil croit agad? I don’t hear any thu there.

Also, thu wouldn’t just be unnecessary here, it would be wrong. It’s croit that is the subject in the Gaelic sentence, there’s no place for the pronoun thu except as the part of the preposition agad.


I hear another sound there as well and I thought it might have been "a' chroit" but that was a wrong answer


Heard it fine this time.


Having listened to this a good number of times now while running through various lessons, I do not hear any extra sounds and certainly not 'thu'. No idea what I was hearing earlier.


I think there's just a tiny bit of a 'tail' on the end of the 'l' sound of 'bheil', that could be heard as a vowel sound, but the grammar tells us it can't be.


If he says, "My darling, do you have a croft?" you know he's after the grazing.


Nobody says "my darling" unless they're a) singing "Clementine" or b) working in a Yorkshire chippie. You'd naturally translate "m'eudail" as "darling" without the possessive (who else's darling is it gonna be?) but noooo, every time the red flag

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