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Helpful Resources and Tips?

So, I've been learning French on my own using Duolingo for about a month now. And although I know that Duolingo is indeed very helpful, with the tips and the stories, I can't help feeling like it just won't be enough. I can't completely rely on Duolingo if I want to be somewhat fluent in the language. I know there are a lot of useful books that help teach that have short stories in the language you're learning and translated, helpful tips, everyday phrases, and much more. But when I went online to search for them, I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of options I had. Does anyone have any suggestions for what resources I should buy, specifically books? Or any tips for learning a language? All are appreciated. (I'm also learning Chinese as well, so if anyone has any resource suggestions for those as well, I'd love to hear them) Thanks!

May 1, 2020


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On Youtube there's Super Easy French


Then you can progress to Easy French

The BBC course the French Experience is really good but may be expensive. The Assimil language courses are excellent but again expensive.

Otherwise look at getting some books from your local charity shops or second hand book shops - summer is normally a good time because students are selling at this time of year.

Good luck


At least finish DL before attempting real books - even then you will struggle. In the meantime you can listen to lots of French - don't worry about meaning at this stage.

Other beginner resources include Pimsleur for speaking and Memrise for more vocab. A textbook with grammar exercises is also useful.

Even with all that - you still will be a beginner. For fluency your will have to add lots of practice making conversation - including responding to others - not just expressing your own ideas. An intermediate class would help.

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