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"This salted cod dish was really delicious!"

Translation:Ce plat de morue était vraiment délicieux !

May 1, 2020



What's wrong with plat de morue salee (can't do accents here)?


"La morue" is the full translation for "salted cod dish". Adding "salée" would be redundant.


Yet on google translate morue is cod and salted cod is morue salee? Also on other translation and dictionary sites they say 'cod' is 'morue' or 'cabillaud' (interchangeable by gender) and 'salted cod' is 'morue salee' or 'cabillaud sale'. So why is it different only in Duo?


From Le Larousse dictionary:

Morue (f) : Gros poisson des mers froides, consommé frais sous le nom de cabillaud, salé sous le nom de morue verte, séché sous le nom de merluche, et du foie duquel on tire une huile riche en vitamines A et D. (Longueur jusqu'à 1,50 m ; famille des gadidés.)


So it should be green cod? I'm still confused! It does say salted under the name of green cod, doesn't it?


how to say in french : the cod dish was really delicious. I mean a fresh cod fish which isn't salted but fried in a pan, because I always thought it is called cod fish !


Bacalao is "salted cod" but "morue" is just plain cod. big big difference


Yes, getting tired of this error over and over.


I thought cabbiaut was cod


Delicious or deliseuse you change it many times


La morue is cod.....!! So what would you say in French if it is fresh and not salted?


I believe cabbiauld is fresh cod as I have seen on many northern French menus. Morue is salted cod which I have only seen in Portugal


Thanks. Baccalao is made from salted cod and Portugal has 365 different recipies for this.

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