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"Nous y sommes allés il y a deux ans."

Translation:We went there two years ago.

May 1, 2020



"we have gone there two years ago" why is this incorrect ?


i thought y was supposed to come beforetl the verb it is relating to (aller in this case). can someone explain why this sentence doesn't follow that rule?


JMBronkema - I think that because this version of "aller" is made up of two words that compose "aller" [suis + allés] it is considered a compound entity, so both have to be considered as one thing, so the "y" precedes both of them. We had an earlier exercise here that did the same thing - "J'y suis allée" - and it was a similar case. The "y" came before "suis allée" because "suis allée" is considered the entity that makes up "aller."

Oh my gosh, I am rereading this and it sounds stupid and too complicated. This is the first time I have actually tried to help with an explanation. I hope someone else can do a better job. :-(


I don't know if I'm coming or going .


I got the correct answer, but, I feel the 1st "y" is redundant because of the "il y a" two words later.


Those to y have a different meaning.
The first y is for a location, here it is an adverbial pronoun replacing a clause starting with à ( à la montagne for instance).
And the second y is for time. Il y a deux ans means two years ago. There is no redundancy here.


Thanks Jojo. I guess it is just one of those things that has to be memorized because a literal translation doesn't work.


Why would We were going there two years ago be wrong?


We have been there..?


Love you BizzLizz...I feel the same!


are there pronunciation differences between "deux ans" and "douze ans"? seems subtle but can't quite place it

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