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  5. Lost ALL my progress! :(


Lost ALL my progress! :(

Dear Duolingo,

I love the app, I very much like what you are doing, keep up the good work.

I very much hope you can help me. I've been using Duolingo quiet a lot for the past months which brought my Spanish to level 16. Since i am so enthusiastic I am basically recommending it to all my friends. So I showed it to one; by making it more easy I selected a new language to show him in order to just be able to let him start from the first lesson. So I guided him around in the tour, but hat struck me was that when I tried to select Spanish again, I couldn't! Though my scores still show big points, the Spanish course has dissapeared.

I very much hope you can help!

Thanks in advance!


July 23, 2014

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I checked your account and it looks like your Spanish course is active - your tree is unlocked with only 4-5 more rows to go. I take it you were able to fix your problem? =D

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