What are your biggest interests?

May 1, 2020

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I think I don't really have one, maybe later XD

I expected to you write stories perhaps

maybe who know, but it will only be short stories because long stories take so long, and in reality, i am interested in computer science and informatics

Wow, I am also interested in the computer

many things for example i very interest about the airplanes

Wow, this is good for you

Good evening, my biggest concern is that i am successful.

By reaching my goal in this life.

Afraid that you succeed in your goal or not ?!!

No, Because there is no impossible right ?

Good, always optimistic

Wow, how long have I been talking like this?

sport and raiding

this is good

Computer World.. and Digital Coloring ^^

Wow, I am also very interested in the computer! :)

It's very big and beautiful thing ^^!

That's right, I'm not kidding

oh.. I know what you mean :")

Yah always optimistic

This is really good for you, just keep going

Good evening Lucy

hi good evening

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