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"I drank way too much and I didn't get up to go to work."

Translation:J'ai beaucoup trop bu et je ne me suis pas levée pour aller au travail.

May 2, 2020



Why 'au travail' and why not 'au boulot'?


There is a man standing there talking how did he become a female.


The characters have nothing to do with the sentences.


The example directly before this one the correct answer was "J'ai bu trop du vin.." and I was wrong for trying "J'ai trop bu du vin..". Now this one is the opposite "j'ai bu beaucoup trop.." was wrong and "j'ai beaucoup trop bu.." is right.


It's a matter of idiomatic phrasing. "J'ai beaucoup trop bu." when nothing comes after but "J'ai bu beaucoup trop de..."

"J'ai beaucoup trop bu de vin." is ok though, Duo's been a little harsh to refuse it.


Duo may have only been objecting to "du vin" rather than "de vin".


Same here bu beaucoup trop


it would be nice that duo recognises that one attempts a sentence in the male form and gives corrections in the same male form. It's sometimes confusing to see verbs corrected that are actually correct in the used form. Because of this I sometimes don't see what I really did wrong..... Maybe something for the next version of Duo.....


j'ai beaucoup trop bu et je ne me suis pas levé pour aller au boulot was marked wrong, correcting me to "levée" and "travail" why?


Because Duo has omitted to put "au boulot" in the list of accepted translations (through error, negligence or who knows why), so it refers you to its preferred translation, which happens to contain "levée", rather than "levé".


merci. i reported as should be accepted and will hope for the best.


Not accepted Nov 2020


The levé (without the second "e") was accepted - Duo's error is in marking "au boulot" incorrect.


A tale as old as time...


Every other question in this section has used bulot for work, now suddenly it's travail? Aargh


"J'ai bien trop bu et je ne me suis pas levée pour aller au boulot." is rejected.

It is irritating that Duo does not tell me whether it is objecting to "bien" or "boulot" (or both), both of which are perfectly valid. So I potentially lose three hearts for a mistake that I did not make. 😭


I guessed correctly and "bien trop bu" was accepted, so in the end only one heart was stolen (this time).


We've all been there..


these kind f questions are nothing but chore on desktop pcs. id rather type the answer in than cumberosmly scan the fitting word after word.


boire is used as an intransitive verb here?


Naughty girl or boy!

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