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"Passa il tuo tempo con gli amici!"

Translation:Spend your time with your friends!

July 23, 2014



Why "il tuo tempo" and "con gli amici"? Why not "il (tuo) tempo" and "con i tuoi amici"?


Yes, I agree. It sounds more natural to say "spend the time with your friends" than "spend your time with your friends", which is a repetition of the word 'your' unnecessarily


"The time" means some specific time, probably mentioned previously. "Your time" means "the time you have (available)", without any need of context. Italian works in the same way for this.

On the other hand, in English the second "your" cannot be avoided, but in Italian it is best avoided, because there is no need for possessives between definite articles and usual places/people.

  • il tempo = the usual time, probably time in general or previously mentioned
  • il tuo tempo = the time you have (available)
  • i tuoi amici = your friends in contrast to someone other's friends
  • i amici = your usual/only friends


i amici? shouldn't I become gli before a vowel?


Now if only I lived near my friends. It's a sad, lonely tale, mine is.....


On some of these it wants the "tu" form and on others it wants the "command" form. Is there a rule about which should be used?


an exclamation mark is normally the indication for using the command form.


What I mean is "passa" vs. "passi". I thought that either was acceptable in the imperative dependent upon whether the statement was formal or informal but sometimes I'm marked wrong for putting one or the other. The exclamation mark has no correlation.


yes, you are right:

Spend you time with your friends! = Passa il tuo tempo con gli amici! or Passi il Suo tempo con gli amici! (in this case also the possessive pronoun has to be the formal one).

There is no rule. Normally you have a context; addressing a certain person (formal or informal)


Hang out with Quakers.


"cogli" = "con gli", am i wrong?


imperativo presente (passàre)

pàssa (non passàre) tu

pàssi egli

passiàmo noi

passàte voi

pàssino essi

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Slow audio is very bad. Sounds like it's saying 'amicici'.


Is 'cogli' accepted in this type of phrases?


the slow audio clearly says: "passa il suo tempo con gli amici" while the fast one says "il tuo".


The word "You" at the beginning should also be acceptable .

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