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Some phrases use de only and some use de la

So i was practicing my french course a while ago n i noticed that some phrases like “the phone number” use “le numéro de téléphone” while “the car window” becomes “la fenêtre de la voiture”. Notice that before the second noun, some use de only and some use de la or du, is there any explanation to this or how i can remember when to use which?

May 2, 2020

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I believe these are the general rules (below).

To show possession of a noun - - - de + definite article:

--- "le livre de l’étudiant" (the student's book)

--- “la fenêtre de la voiture” (the car's window)

To describe a noun - - - de :

--- "le livre d’étudiant" (the student book)

--- “le numéro de téléphone” (the telephone number)

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