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"Tha mi a' fuireach ann an Eilean Mhanainn."

Translation:I am living in the Isle of Man.

May 2, 2020



Ok, why is the translation in the isle not on the isle? Also, isnt the translation for in the, anns an?


My understanding, based on analysis of practice, is:

you live ON an island, unless:

a. it is also a nation-state.

b. it is an archipelago or island-group.

eg. general: in Scotland, in France, in Germany.

but also: in Australia, in Singapore.

(essentially a single-island, but also a nation-state. I know: they always leave Tazzie off the ash-trays...!) ;)

Ireland is partitioned, but the North is not a nation-state on its own, so it is still: in Ireland, but note also 'on the island of Ireland'.

but: on Mull, on Jersey, on the Isle of Wight (IOW), on the Isle of Man (IOM).

However: in the Shetlands, in the Channel Islands (CI), in the Moluccas.

If Shetland were put in the singular, as seems to be more common these days, I would suggest practice changes it to: on Shetland, as a single entity. Likewise 3 (main) islands as a collective: on Uist.

Your observations welcomed...

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