"Medica sanat."

Translation:The doctor heals.

May 2, 2020

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Is it 'medica' as in female doctor, versus 'medicus' as in male doctor?


medica is the female version of the word medicus, yes.


Does this mean the doctor themself is healing or the doctor is healing someone else?


The doctor heals something.


I have some reservations regarding this particular sentence as the first thing that comes into my mind in this context is the Roman saying "medicus curat, natura sanat" that differenciates the two.

Edit: To the person who voted my opinion down, I'm glad you're enjoying the opportunities this forum offers, including anonymity when expressing opinions but wouldn't we gain more from this discussion if you offered a counter-argument instead?


medica is a female version of medicus - reported in other case. Here i have a question - why isnt "doctor heals" accepted on its own like in the other instances?


"Physician" and "doctor" are (in this case) synonyms, so "The physician heals" should be accepted as correct. There are other test items that accept "physician". I reported this issue, and am explaining it here for the moderators and/or administrators to see.

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