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You, You and I, I in French......

I'm currently on the routine section of French and I can understand what tu te and vous vous etc means in some circumstances (tu te regardes dans le mirror - possibly spelling errors there) you look at yourself in the mirror (two uses of you/yourself) but I don't understand why it is written vous vous revellionz tard (you you wake up late?).

Any suggestions to help me understand a little better?


May 2, 2020



I don't understand why it is written vous vous revellionz tard

That would be vous vous réveillez tard.
Se réveiller is a reflexive verb. Reflexive verbs often express an action you would do to yourself (doesn't make much sense but I don't know how to put it). So in french you would wake yourself up. Therefore you need two pronouns, one subject (you) and one that would be the object (yourself). For the nous and vous conjugations those pronouns happen to be the same words. It's not the case for Je, tu, il or ils.

  -  se réveiller  -

    Je me réveille
    Tu te réveilles
    Il/elle se réveille
    Nous nous réveillons
    Vous vous réveillez
    Ils/elles se réveillent

Link : reflexive verbs in French on Lingolia.


Literally - you wake yourself up late.

"Reflexive" verbs are what you want to be looking up. I forget which skill this came in, but it's early on. Ah - here y'go. Routine. https://www.duolingo.com/skill/fr/Routine/tips

(BTW, "reveillez" - it's just the same verb conjugation as any other. Reveillons would be with nous. We wake ourselves up, nous nous reveillons tard.)


It's not really "you you" it's because this verb is reflexive in French. If you translate it literally in English it is "you wake yourself up late", but since in english it's not reflexive the real meaning is "you wake up late". Many of the verbs used for routines are reflexive in french (se laver, se réveiller, se brosser les dents, s'habiller etc) you can look up to lessons on reflexive verbs maybe it would help you understand better! (You made a little mistake : It's either "vous vous réveillez tard" (2nd person plural) or "Nous nous réveillons tard" (1st person plural))


Thank you to those that provided helpful answers.

I found the most useful were those that explained it as "you wake yourself up" . Yes I also made a mistake (thanks everyone for highlighting individually). I will endeavour to do better if I need to ask a question again.

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