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"Diese Teller sind nicht groß."

Translation:These plates are not big.

May 7, 2013



It is a little bit hard to distinguish diese and dieser by my ears sometimes.


just a hint, already reported it....

the audio of "Teller" in the complete sentence (not the hint) is wrong. the T should be spoken hard, like in "toy" not as softly pronounced as a D


Why is it Diese and not for example Dieser? DuoLingo should explain this when the wrong answer is given by the user.


The verb "sind" is the keyword... It must be plural.


IN this case Teller is plural and match with the demostrative pronoum Diese. IF it were singular It would be Dieser Teller. Der Teller(singular) The plate Die Teller(plural) The plates


Plates or Teller is plural. In German the plural definite article is "die", so you will have the same ending on "diese". A noun which would take singular masculine article "der" would take "dieser" and a singular neuter noun which takes "das" would takes "dieses".

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