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Enfin, j'ai fini. I conquered the French tree

I am really happy, because it took me almost a year to finish the french tree. I didn't know a single word when I started, but Duo taught me well. Now i can understand most in french songs and french newspapers/wikipedia. I will keep on studiyng french and i am thinking of learning a new language with the laddering method. I want to thank the admins and moderators of the french tree, they really helped me. Keep strong and you should have patience. Impossible is nothing, mes amies

May 2, 2020


[deactivated user]

    🏆 Congratulations! That is one great big long fat tree!


    Félicitations! Ma première langue étrangère était le français et elle restera pour toujours mon premier amour linguistique. Et maintenant, quelques conceils. Si tu as envie de continuer d'apprendre le français, je suggère que tu fasses le cours de revers, c.à.d, le cours de l'anglais depuis le français.

    Tu as dit qu tu as peut-être envie d'apprendre une langue tout à fait différente. Pourquoi pas l'apprendre depuis le français! J'ai fait ça avec l'allemand et ça m'a aidé énormément. De plus, pour continuer avec le français, je te conseille de commencer un cours de vocab chez memrise. Bon courage!


    Merci beaucoup! Bon courage aussi!


    Now I feel like a slacker because I started in August of last year and I am now where near done ... I am also doing French audio books, and I still dont see how I will be done with this tree in a year

    Almost doesn't matter since my big trip to Paris and Rome is cancelled due to the pandemic.. But.. I'll get there eventually :)


    I started last year aswell and I still have 6 more trees to complete.


    I'm forcing myself to only do 25 lessons a day. I really want to rush forward some days but I know in the long run it's better to take it slow and commit everything to memory. Don't despair, you'll get there.


    Congratulations!! Sound like it's time for a travel/immersion experience to practice. :) (Once the world comes back to normal that is)


    Félicitations et bonne continuation dans l'apprentissage de cette merveilleuse langue ! ;) Comme quelqu'un l'a déjà dit : faire l'arbre inverse (apprendre l'anglais depuis le français) peut être une bonne idée.

    [deactivated user]

      Congrats for completing level 1, four more levels to go.


      Kostas, tebrikler :)




      Congrats, it'is really important to learn more than two languages. I am panamanian, I learned English Language since I had 15 years old, then my first work was at Greek Consulate and of course I learned to read, to write and speak greek languaje for 22 years. Now I am learning french language and I like it so much. I hope to finish it as soon as possible because I wish to take another languaje like japanesse


      Wow! Amazing! Do you speak greek? Κάνεις εξάσκηση ακόμα;


      Ναι, μιλώ στη νταντά των εγγονιών μου, έζησε στην Ελλάδα


      Καταπληκτικό! Χαίρομαι που σε γνώρισα!


      Σας ευχαριστώ πολύ, ήταν χαρά να σας μιλήσω.


      That's terrific! I finished the Swedish tree last year - it was the language of all four of my immigrant grandparents and brings back memories. Now I've begun French, a language I've always wanted to learn. Love all the English cognates but the accent and some of the grammar will take a while. Thank goodness for the wonderful moderators and the excellent DuoLingo program - I'm 827 days into using DL. Hope I do half as well as you did on French but I'm having fun in any case. I'll know I've arrived when I can read some of Balzac's racy stuff in the original... :-)


      Is it easy for you to understand the other Scandinavian languages?


      Not easy, but with a little effort a lot of Norwegian is accessible for me. Danish, on the other hand is a much different language. My Swedish grandparents had some Norwegian friends (scandal LOL) and they easily understood one another's native tongue. The real riot was listening to mormor on the phone with Swedish chums after emigrating. They all spoke Swenglish. The Swedish I needed as a kid was to hear about planned doctor visits with shots and Christmas presents.


      What racy stuff does Balzac write? I have a degree in French so I've read maybe 4-5 of his books over the course of my degree and I found them all rather tame, but still one of my favorite authors of the century!


      "The Girl With the Golden Eyes," for starters, has a bit of raunch and the seamy side. Or, there are short stories. Peter Brooks'"The Human Comedy," features nine Balzac short stories. Like a sculptor who falls for a castrato opera singer who he thinks is a woman or an erotic bond between a French soldier lost in the desert and a panther.


      I read the girl with the golden eyes for class actually haha. I thought it was good but not his best, no more risqué than anything else at the time and there were certainly things far beyond it before the end of the century. Short stories always get weird; they're the distillates of something longer but with the strength condensed.


      Félicitations! Ce n'est pas facile. Bon travail!


      Félicitations! Une petite victoire!


      Félicitation, m'sieur ! :)


      I conquered the Italian Mafia lmao




      Congratulations! What a feat! I just took and passed the level 8 checkpoint myself. It took me several tries and I have a bachelor's degree in French! So you should be very proud of what you have accomplished.

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