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"Est-ce que vous avez lu ce livre ?"

Translation:Have you read this book?

May 2, 2020



And what if the "you" being referred to here is plural, like "un professeur qui parle à ses élèves"? Would there be need to pluralize the "lu" to "lus"?


No, because when the auxiliary verb is avoir, the past participle (lu) does not agree with the subject (vous/ tu) but with the object (ce livre), and only if that object comes before the verb in the sentence.

      Vous avez lu ce livre.
      Vous avez lu ces livres.
      Je connais les livres que vous avez lus.
      Vous les avez lus.
      Je connais les histoires que vous avez lues. feminine plural


Oh! My memory is failing me yet again. Thanks for the clarification. I can now recall previous lessons where Duo mentioned something like this agreement between the verbs "avoir" and "être" and their objects.

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