"One rupee"

Translation:एक रुपया

May 2, 2020

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Is रुपए acceptable for both singular/plural? What's the preferred form?


रुपए (an alternate spelling of रुपये ) is the plural form of रुपया.
It is also the singular oblique-case form (which is used when it is the object of a postposition).

मेरे पास एक रुपया है - I have one rupee - Singular direct form
मेरे पास दो रुपए हैं - I have two rupees - Plural direct form
हम एक रुपए से कुछ ख़रीद नहीं सकते - We can't buy anything with one rupee - Singular oblique form
हम दो रुपयों से कुछ ख़रीद नहीं सकते - We can't buy anything with two rupees - Plural oblique form


The sounds have stopped ... I should say. Thanks


The sounds have on the words as you choose them. Is that a new feature... just planned at this higher level or a fault?

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