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"He got hurt from falling off his bed last night."

Translation:Il s'est fait mal en tombant de son lit hier soir.

May 2, 2020



hier soir sounds like yesterday evening to me. wouldn't la nuit derniere work?


La nuit dernière would be perfect.


But not accepted 3 May 2020


And still not accepted december 23, 2020. I assure you, I checked three times. Everything else in my sentence was flawless. Only after I changed it to hier soir,duo accepted it. This is ridiculous: last night is la nuit dernière, last evening is hier soir. I want my 3 hearts back that I lost over this


In this case especially it seems like la nuit dernière would be more appropriate. (But still not accepted jan 2021...) Unless he fell off the bed in the evening as he was getting into it. It seems more likely he fell out of bed sometime in the middle of the night, for which soir doesn't seem like the right translation. Happy to be corrected by a native French speaker if this impression isn't correct though.


There was a tip a while back that said the French typically use "soir" where we would use "night," as in "last night," "good night," etc.


But duo can't have it both ways. They say that they try to model the english sentences in a way they are easily translated which accounts for a lot of awkward english phrasing in this app. So now they can't be like "well french people tend to do it this way which is why i'm gonna teach you to translat night with evening" nonono


Two questions : 1. Il s'est blessé... 2.... Le soir dernier ???


"Il s'est blessé..."accepted26/5/2020


"il se'est fait mal en tombant de son lit la nuit derniere" is not accepted. Why?


Bonjour Maryna,

The only problem I can see in your sentence is the extra "E" in "se'est". I'm guessing that was just as typo, but it's enough for the Duo algorithm to mark it wrong :[

For no obvious reason Duo will not accept "la nuit dernière" .


il s'est blessé en tombant de son lit la nuit dernière - is marked wrong


last night..."la nuit dernière" devrait être accepté


Reflexive verb Duo...."he hurt himself" NOT "he got [ugh] hurt".

Also "S'est blessé " is STILL not being accepted on May 4th 2021 :[


I agree totally with Lisaskier. I cannot see any difference between :il s'est fait mal" et "il s'est blessé" unless with "il s'est blessé" you need to follow it with a certain part of the body eg. "il s'est blessé au dos. Any comments from a native speaker, please.


He got hurt = il s'est blessé

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