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  5. "Tha seo gu math feumail."

"Tha seo gu math feumail."

Translation:This is really useful.

May 2, 2020



why is this not 'Seo gu math feumail'.. Seo = this is so Tha seo gu math feumail reads to me as This is is really useful... a bit redundant


When you have an adjective without a noun, the 'Tha seo' acts as 'This...thing' to have a placeholder for the noun. The same way 'This is a book' makes sense, but 'This is a useful' doesn't. So you add 'This is a useful thing' in english to make a grammatically correct sentence.

In english you could also drop the 'a' to be 'This is useful' which is the more natural way to say it in English but thinking about as adding 'thing' makes it easier to see the equivalency.

So Seo leabhar = This is a book Seo leabhar feumail = This is a useful book Seo feumail = This is a useful (which doesn't make sense so we have:) Tha seo feumail = This is a useful thing/This is useful


There is a similar discussion at https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/37563985 that might help


Tha seo gu math feumail can mean really useful or quite useful but quite is not accepted as a correct answer. Why?


Sorry, just an oversight on our part. I've fixed it now :)

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