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Practice... only getting trivial exercises

I'm having an issue where the only practice questions I'm getting when using the practice button are extremely trivial "pick the word you hear" questions. I have the full course completed up to level 5, and I feel like I should be getting a wide variety of questions via practice.

Dè tha dol a chàirdean? Tapadh leibh!

May 2, 2020



Yes - that is how the course works. Other posts here tell us that the course will have more lessons added at some point. In the meantime, if you want more practice --- You could try the timed option (Shop - purchase timed practice). I find it can be a different challenge to respond as fast as possible.

You could set up a different duolingo account with a 2nd email address and start over from the beginning (if you want to keep your current level here).

You could try other practice sources --- Mango has a free Scottish Gaelic course for beginners. That would be a different kind of practice and might include words you don't already know. You could take a look at the Gaelic with Jason youtube videos and review the higher level videos.


You could take a look at Speaking Our Language videos on youtube. There are four series with 18 20-30 minute lessons in each series. The later lessons are beyond where we are with Duolingo right now.

There are flashcard websites where you can make your own lists to practice online or use decks shared by other learners (2 that I use are memrise and quizlet).

You could get a book and work through it by writing out answers to exercises. 2 current books are Complete Gaelic (Boyd Robertson) and Colloquial Scottish Gaelic (Katherine Spadaro).

I think a lot of us are looking forward to the next set of Duolingo Scottish Gaelic lessons, but there are other ways to practice in the meantime.


These are a lot of great suggestions, thank you for all the info!

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