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  5. "The boats are really nice."

"The boats are really nice."

Translation:Tha na bàtaichean gu math snog.

May 2, 2020



I was marked incorrect for "tha na bataichean gle shnog". I was even pleased at remembering the lenition, as well...


I think (but a contributor would need to confirm) that this course only accepts glè for very, not for really (so it would be glè shnog if it were very nice in English).


I think you are right. I always associate glè with very whereas really is either gu math or gu mòr


Though I hope you did have the accents in when you actually did it, because otherwise you had put 'the sticks are very nice'


Probably not, but I don't think the course marks you down for that! Although perhaps it should, given the difference between bàta and bata is so significant. In any case, I have long since accepted my punishment in this case, very graciously as you can tell. :)

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