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  5. "Tha mi a' ceannach preas."

"Tha mi a' ceannach preas."

Translation:I am buying a cupboard.

May 2, 2020



In Irish the equivalent of 'preas' is 'prios' and we borrowed that into Hiberno-English as "press" to mean a cupboard/cabinet! I'm guessing the same thing has not happened in Scotland and the average non-Gàidhlig speaking Scot would have a clue what a press is?


"Press" is pretty standard in Scotland for a cupboard, especially one built into a wall.


And yet we're buying one. Could a press also be a "wardrobe"?


Press is almost always those built in storage in a kitchen. A cupboard, or a cabinet as Americans would say.

Wardrobe in Irish and Scottish is a "clothes press"

Prios éadaigh in Irish or preas aodaich in Scottish.


A hall cupboard used always yo be called the lobby press.

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