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Missed Assignments

If a student misses a due date on an assignment, it shows up as missed. Two questions:
1) can they still do it? 2) can i extend the due date for individual students?

Also, another issue: When I look at students activity logs, it shows that students have completed all lessons for a level. However, on their summary page, it shows that the assignment is missing? Why? What does this mean?

May 2, 2020



1) can they still do it?

It depends. Missed assignments continue to be shown on the 'Learn' tab (desktop version only). It will say 'Due X hours/days ago', and students can still complete them. The teacher's dashboard should show when they completed it, even if they completed it late.

However, if you've given the same assignment again, their progress will (first) count towards the new assignment. For example, if you assign XP and the student misses it, they can still complete the assignment. But if you assign XP again, any XP they earn will first count towards the new assignment. I think, but I haven't checked, that after they completed the new assignment, any additional XP they earn will count towards the old missed assignment.

2) can i extend the due date for individual students?

I don't see a way to extend the due date for individual students, but you can extend it for all students ('Manage assignment' → 'Edit assignment'). I just tested this and it appears students who have already completed the assignment don't receive the 'Your assignment's due date has changed' email, so this shouldn't bother them.

I don't know about the issue you're experiencing, maybe someone else can answer that.


First question: Atervanda did a good job answering that, but I will add to it. You will see the word "Late" written in yellow next to their name in the assignment. But obviously, if you check the minute that the assignment is due, you won't see anything except "missing."

For the students who missed the assignment (they are red), if you look just a teeny bit further to the right, you will see, written in black, "8 out of 10 completed" (or some such). During these crazy times, I take that into consideration as I differentiate.

Speaking of differentiation, that brings us to your second question. No, you cannot extend the deadline for one student. But you are the teacher and you are the one writing grades into the grade book, so it is a simple thing to say, "Well, Bob got close enough this week." Or, "Bob only did half, so I am giving him half points."

As to your last question, Duo is experiencing a lag right now due to the high volume. Just give it a day or two past the deadline before you put your grades in. Duo is working furiously on fixing this.

Keep asking questions! We are all in this together.


Is there any way that homework data for classes can be downloaded in similar fashion to the student activity data? I use Duolingo as supplementary language practice for university level beginners and for managing several large classes, and data download would be very useful. The more granular the better!


Are you asking if you can download the information that says, "50 XP assigned from February 22-29?" No, but do you need to? Don't you already put that in your gradebook? Or maybe you can cut-and-paste columns from the .csv file that you download from Duo. Just a thought.

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