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  5. "A single plate"

"A single plate"

Translation:Een enkel bord

July 23, 2014



what is the difference between 'enig' and 'enkel'?


For plural nouns, I would say they are interchangeable. However, for singular nouns the word "enig" has shifted very strongly towards its second meaning, "lovely" or "exquisite", and is rarely used in the meaning of "enkel" (a single ). There is one exception I can think of: "enig kind", meaning "only child" as in, one without siblings.


"For plural nouns, I would say they are interchangeable." De enkele borden (The few plates) - De enige borden (The only plates). They aren't interchangeable at all.


Oh yeah, you are absolutely right. I was thinking of the indefinite case: "enige/enkele borden". I guess a definite article changes everything.


I saw enkel and thought grandchild... guess my German is hurting more than helping.


oh was it a het-word? dangit


I answered: een enkele bord It says my answer is incorrect and I should have said "een enkele plaat" excuse me?!!?


"Bord" is a het-word, hence with an indefinite article it does not get a -e suffix. As your answer was incorrect, you get a rather random example of a correct answer. That really is just an example; there doesn't have to be any relation with the answer you were trying to give except for being a translation for a meaning of the exercise. In your case, the example is about the literal translation of "metal plate." If you would make the same mistake again, you're likely to get a different example, possibly one that does have "bord" as example.

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Why is plaat being rejected here, and only bord accepted? Plaat is still in the drop down list?


Apparently the contributors didn't think of that. As always, check that your really didn't make a mistake. of some sort, and if you're certain then report that you solution should be accepted.

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I'd love to, but that option seems to have disappeared in the last week or so, from the list of those available...


What drop down list? Am I replying to an old post when there was a drop down list somewhere that is gone now?

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When you hover over a word you don't know the definition of, it gives you a drop-down list of translations.

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