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"I will go to Glasgow tomorrow afternoon."

Translation:Bidh mi a' dol gu Glaschu feasgar a-màireach.

May 2, 2020

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There seems to be a big inconsistency here. Up till now the continuous tenses have been translated as continuous in English.

Bha mi a' dol = I was going
Tha mi a' faicinn cat I am seeing a cat

The first is natural English, and is the counterpart to

Chaidh mi I went

but the second is not natural English. It is justified by Joanne as

You won't be marked wrong for 'I see a cat', but the 'I am seeing' construction has been used here because it is a closer translation to tha mi a' faicinn. 'I am seeing/I see' are often used interchangeably in English, but there is a difference when translating into Gaelic.

If we are to use the continuous tense in English, even when it is unnatural (I can see a cat is the idiomatic English unless you are dating a cat), then surely it should be used as the default translation in this sentence, where it is quite natural, even if the non-continuous alternative is accepted. As with the past example, there is a contrast in both languages:

Bidh mi a' dol I will be going
Thèid mi I will go

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