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What happens when a student does a "test"?

I've noticed that if a student does the "test" for a level... it shows up as a MISSED assignment? Why is that? If they're given the opportunity to move ahead by showing their proficiency in a test, shouldn't it count as a level completed? (It makes it very tough to track also :( )

May 2, 2020

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MmePardhan, are you talking about the tests in Duolingo Plus, or the checkpoints (the castles)?

The checkpoints are super fun -- they give open-ended questions, like a cartoon picture of a woman, and the prompt, "What is she wearing?" The answers that the students give then go back as data for the Duolingo course developers to say, "Golly, only 5% of people used the word 'shirt.' I guess we'd better go back and add more lessons with the word 'shirt.'"

Doing the checkpoint in order (however good or badly the student does), then unlocks the next set of skills.

(Doing the checkpoint out of order allows the student to test out of the first level of all previous skills. This one has hearts that can be lost, so the student can fail.)

So, because these checkpoints are data for Duolingo, and they are open-ended questions, it is fair to say that Duolingo doesn't know how much XP to assign for a scheduled assignment.

For comparison, Duolingo Stories (which are fabulous), also give XP that are not connected to any assignment.

I am afraid I don't know anything about the Duolingo Plus tests, because I am a poor teacher working my tail off for very little money, just like all of us. :)

I adore the checkpoints, and I wish that Duolingo was able to send us teachers the data on our students. I would LOVE to see it. I think it could really inform my teaching.

In the meantime, depending on how many students you have, you could consider:

  1. Eyeballing the students' XP yourself. "Hmmm.... Bob missed the assignment. Let me click on him and look at his activity." Then you could adjust your grades accordingly.

  2. Or, you could ask your students to send you a screenshot. "Class, when you get the castle golden, send me a screenshot." Then you could put a grade in for completion at 100%.

I hope this helps! Keep asking questions. We are all in this together.

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