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"They will not want to open a book anymore after their exams."

Translation:Ils ne voudront plus ouvrir un livre après leurs examens.

May 3, 2020



If so, their education will have failed them!


My answer "Ils n'auront plus envie de ouvrir un livre après leurs examens." was rejected.


Try with d'ouvrir.


They =Ils/elles. They should be both right!!!


Wouldn't the this sentence be better as: They will no longer want to open a book a book after their exams


why not" ouvrir plus" ? it seems to me that "open anymore " makes more sense than "don't want any more"


Why is it ‘un’ livre not ‘de’ livre in a negative sentence? Grammar rule is: replace indefinite article with de in negative sentence, I thought. Genuinely unsure here! Have looked it up over and over again and find that I am right, but would like native French speaker to adjudicate if possible! I put ‘Ils ne voudront plus ouvrir de livre...’

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