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What does ineffective status mean?

I will not be able to work on Duolingo for several days. Will I be able to make my account inactive? If so, how? When I resume work on Duolingo, will my reported progress be the same? Will I retain my lingots?

July 23, 2014



Thank you all for your comments. If I understand correctly, I should leave my account as it is and not actually deactivate (assuming that is even really possible :) ) I can only imagine how many blue, green and red circles I will see when I log-on for the first time... At least I will keep my attained levels even if I lose my streak. Again, thanks for your input.


I'm glad your question is answered, but I'm still curious about the topic you raised.

Decay is another kind of progress that hasn't been discussed explicitly. Decay is partly based on the amount of time that has passed since you studied words in that lesson - so your assumption seems sound to me: you will come home to a lot of non-gold medallions.

But, is that assumption correct? Do you see a loss of vocabulary strength when you log back in, after deactivating your account?

Also, I noticed that CentricDuero was formerly 1.bimic, and changed identiities in the course of this discussion . Was this change of identity forced by deactivation?


You only seem to want to take a few days off. You should not change the status of your account, in that case. Just go, have fun, come back, everything will be the same. Do not deactivate your account, which will cause you to lose your progress.

EDIT: You will not lose your progress, but your posts will appear under "Deactivated user" until you log in again. I don't see the benefit in that, if you plan to return.

Unfortunately, there is no way to freeze your streak for several days, which is too bad. I know that took a lot of diligence to acquire this.

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