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  5. "Is the newspaper recent?"

"Is the newspaper recent?"

Translation:O jornal é recente?

May 7, 2013



Wouldn't "está" make more sense since the recentness of a newspaper is rather volatile?


Estar is for things that are temporary (I am at the store; I am crying) and time is not part of that concept. The newspaper is either recent or not at that moment in time and for that moment in time it will always be so. That is why, Ele é um menino, even if he will soon be an adult (man). Or, today is Thursday (even though tomorrow is Friday, that does not change that this day is Thursday).

It is a difficult concept though.


The verb ser also expresses the time, since the time of day is considered to be a habitually recurring event.

  • São duas (horas) It's two (o'clock) (literally they're two (hours))
  • São oito e vinte (minutos) It's eight twenty (literally they're two and twenty (minutes))
  • É meio-dia it's midday (or noon)
  • É meia-noite it's midnight

Other often changeable things that get the ser form of to be include professions which even includes being a student; and where one lives, even if s/he will move at some point.


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