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FRENCH TREE: Where are all the tenses?

Hi all,

I started on Duolingo French some 5 years ago and I've been absent from it for about ~1-2 years now (I was out in the real world trying to speak it!) but I've been diligently using Duo for German practise for the past few months. I decided to refresh my French and came back to see the "new NEW tree" as Ive seen it referred too in the forum.

I've read a lot about how users were angry and confused that they lost their crowns, their progress markers and suffered lots of general confusion under the multiple new updates that happened in the last year or so.

*My question I hope is a simple one: Where are all the tense lessons gone?? *

In my current tree I see only three skills which allude to tenses: Pres 1, Pres 2 and Past Imp. 1.

When I first completed the French tree there were multiple lessons on tense (passé compose, futur etc.) Have these been completely removed or are they buried inside new skills? It currently looks like the French tree is just a long, long list of vocabulary.

If I want a refresher on how verb conjugations occur in a given tense, where can I look inside duolingo for this? Or must I go elsewhere now?

Thanks in advance for any help!

May 3, 2020



The tree was reworked, and part of that rework was to stop separating out the tenses. They're now fed in as you go through the course, rather than explicitly.

They're explained in the lesson tips, of course.


Recently someone on this forum published this link to a google document detailing the content of the french tree. I don't know who it belongs to, but it might be helpful. (I hope it is accurate and up to date)


I don't know who it belongs to

It's from Duolingo! :) They published them here: https://blog.duolingo.com/educator-and-parent-guide-making-the-most-out-of-staying-at-home/ (under 'Extras for educators').

[deactivated user]

    TLTR? - they start at Housing and carry on from there; but keep the notes for future reference!


    Oh, ok thanks. I guess they keep it up to date then.


    Interesting... my tree doesn't seem to coincide with this document. My last level of skills are: Economics, Sports 3 and Spiritual.


    It only covers checkpoints 1 to 5, which are the parts of the tree that have (so far) been reworked to align with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).


    The later French tree12/13/14 removed more and more dedicated "grammar / verb tense" skills.

    Tree12 (156 skills): https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29740054/New-English-French-A-B-tree12-with-156-skills-741-lessons-4906-DL-lexemes-ids-is-out

    Tree13 (142 skills): https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/33138041

    Tree14 (158 skills): https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/35365573


    So for you, coming back after a longer time, there is no way how to effectively review all the more important verb tense stuff in your Duolingo tree.
    You do not really know what is exactly hidden behind one of the 158 skills.

    Here are the updated "Tips and Notes" (T&N) from the French moderator / contributor (=volunteer) team (still containing grammar names):


    I heard that the French course moderator team is working on a new English from French reverse trees.

    Unlike the CEFR Spanish one (or EN from PT with 108 skills) the current reverse tree FR->EN is shorter: www.duome.eu/fr/en

    I would have suggested to start with a reverse tree so you are pushed more into writing in French on the www.duolingo.com web portal.

    This is just to practice French (various things, more mixed) but won't allow you start an effective review like you could have done with the EN->FR tree3 (96 skills).

    Sadly to say, French tree3 is long gone....staff removed it from my settings and forced me into the later CEFR trees.


    Thanks for the detailed reply. Such a shame that it is structured this way as it basically makes the tree pretty useless unless you want to dedicate yourself to working through all of it, which is not particularly helpful for users like me.

    I think it would be very useful to have a way to review even just the notes for the big hitters; tenses, cases etc. with the bonus of being able to practise them separately from learning low level vocab.

    Oh well, Duo served me well for many years but I suppose it's time to move on!


    Just test out of any skill that you think you know - you only need to take it to L1.

    Or test out of entire checkpoints, and unlock everything before them. If you test out of the final checkpoint, you unlock the entire course in one go.


    They're buried inside skills named other things.


    I heard that they (staff) have been A/B testing an additional grammar layout on the mobile apps for the last CEFR tree.

    There is a dedicated button on the right of the Home screen.

    I am not sure what was covered in that listing and not.
    So maybe just the basic Romance stuff?!?

    Some people complained that they suddenly see special skill names like Past (also in the Educators schoolroom), but are not able to access them.

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