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  5. "What's going on? Not much."

"What's going on? Not much."

Translation:Dè tha dol? Chan eil mòran.

May 3, 2020



Why is "Not much" written as "Chan eil mòran" and not simply "Chan eil mòr" ?


Why would it? Would you say in English not big; big isn’t (going on) in that meaning (as that’s what chan eil mòr would translate to)?

Much, a lot (as a noun) is mòran, not mòr (that’s just the adjective big, great), and thus not much is (going on) is chan eil mòran (a’ dol).


Thanks for that Silmeth. As a beginner Gaelic learner, that's a perfect explanation (noun vs adjective)


I am curious why mòran (a lot, much) is considered to be a noun? It is considered an adjective/adverb in English, German, or other languages


Think of it as a lot in English (or a great deal, or multitude). Lot is a noun, and in the phrase there’s even the indefinite article (that comes only before nouns), a, in front of it.

Because of that mòran is followed by genitives (similar to English a lot of somethings, a great deal of somethings) or prepositional phrases with de ‘of’ (even more like English a lot of…).


Could some one explain the translation of "Dè tha dol"? Tapadh leibh :)


Literally, it's "what is going?". It's a contraction of dè a tha a' dol?

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