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glitch in progress test

I just did the level 2 progress test and got all of the answers right except one. I was to choose the item that wan't ordered, but all three choices given were ordered (a glass of water, tomato soup and some bread). The correct choice was apparently "de soupe de pommes de terre", bit that wasn't one of the options in the test.

May 3, 2020



kobayashi maru


Never mind Janice, did you use the report flag? Unfortunately I don't think discussions in this section get seen by those that make the programs. Maybe if you have to take it again a different question may be asked, with no glitch. Good luck!


No - couldn't find one for the check results section, but just in case it happens to someone else who might be a tad confused as to why their answer wasn't correct, I thought I'd mention it.

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