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"Je t'en donnerai une cinquantaine, si ça te dit."

Translation:I'll give you about fifty of them if you want.

May 3, 2020



Si ca te dit is a new one on me. I find it useful to look for an English idiom that more of less corresponds to the French. In this case mine is "if you say so"


"Ça te dit de" or "ça vous dit de" was introduced earlier in another skill and it means "do you want to".

It is used to invite someone to do something.

Ça te dit d'aller au resto avec moi?


I got this right because it was a listening exercise. But just for feedback: it was VERY difficult to hear the "te dit" part because the volume trailed off in both the fast and the slow versions. Secondly, I had never seen this idiomatic construction before so it was even more difficult to 'hear' what was said. Just saying


"...if you like" should be accepted for "...si ca te dit".


Very very difficult to hear these words and phrases thrown together as if to tease but not help.


Why 'dit' and not 'dis'?


As I understand it, 'ça' is the subject, 'te' the object.

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