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Duo is saying I am "taking a test" and cannot peek when I am learning as usual

Is anyone else having this issue? I was doing Spanish as usual, and began to try a new section--Sports. When I didn't know new words because they're new (!), it told me I could not peek at words in the English original sentence in order to try to write it in Spanish. From Spanish to English, I think I can still peek. This is seriously disheartening, so I stopped for the day.


What gives?

July 23, 2014



Oh goodness, I haven't heard that happening, but it sounds terrible! I hope Duo helps, I have no tips for this because I've never seen this happen. Continue learning!


It seems to have resolved itself, though I did complain on the support page, so that might have fixed it. It was rather upsetting at the time! (Not horrible, but I was discouraged.) Thanks!

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