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  5. "Tha deagh oidhche ann."

"Tha deagh oidhche ann."

Translation:It is a good night.

May 4, 2020



A new "good" could it not be "Tha i oidhche mhath"?


No, as that would not make sense grammatically, you cannot use tha to directly say what something is.

You could say (and I’d bet it’s among the accepted answers) tha oidhche mhath ann (lit. there is a good night); alternatively you could say (’s e) oidhche mhath a th’ ann for it is a good night.

But never *tha i oidhche mhath, nor *tha i deagh oidhche – that’s a grammatically incorrect usage of the verb tha.


So would math and deagh be used interchangeably for good or is there a difference in meaning?

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