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  5. "I am wanting two dogs."

"I am wanting two dogs."

Translation:Tha mi ag iarraidh dà chù.

May 4, 2020



Why dà chù instead of dà coin? Is it because dà chù already has the plural implied in dà?


Because Gaelic doesn’t use plural after . Historically it has a separate dual number which was used in this case but it disappeared, merging with singular (as in some noun classes it was identical to singular). So in modern Gaelic it’s always + singular.

Also, note that lenites the counted noun.


How do you know when to use mi or agam


As I understand it, "mi" means me/I where as "agam" means I have/own. So mi would be used with verbs... mi ag iarraidh... and agam would show ownership or possession of a noun.... da cù agam.

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