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Please suggest me which is correct and why?

Which of the following is correct sentence(s):

1) je lis chaque dimanche.

2) je lis tout le dimanche.

3) je lis tous les dimanches.

Are all these correct or am I missing something to learn? Which is the best translation of 'I read every Sunday.' Any help would be great. Thanks.

May 4, 2020



Ok so i am a original french speaker. If i translate all the sentences:

1) I read each Sunday

2) I read the whole sunday (meaning i read during the whole day)

3) I read every sunday ( here it means i read during all sundays)

The 3) is the syntax wise correct sentence :), cause even if the 1) kinda makes sense in english, it sounds strange in french.

Also, the 3) is generally used according to the context. Hope that helped!


You mean all of them are grammatically correct but #3 is best to use in day to day conversation!


I agree with this, although depending on the context the first would also be correct


Hello, (I'm French, if you'll excuse me for the mistakes) All the sentences have their own way of being correct, but they don't mean the same thing. One: je lis chaque dimanche. , that means you read every Sunday. The 2 : je lis tout le dimanche., it means you read all day long but you won't use it in French except in very rare cases (you'll say more Dimanche, j'ai lu toute la journée) The 3 : je lis tous les dimanches. , it's the same as the first one, and in French, we'll use that one more. Have a nice day!


Not 2, which to me means “I read all day Sunday.” I think both 1 and 3 are correct, but I can’t say which is more common.


No #2 seems to be wrong, you mean. Ok. In Duolingo, the first was accepted as the correct one.

[deactivated user]

    No #2 is grammatically correct, but it has a very different meaning. If you want to tell someone you can't do XYZ on Sunday because you are reading all day - it works!


    SEEMS...you do understand that an Awkward translation isn't always wrong....just unlikely


    roughly they mean I read each Sunday, I read all (of) Sunday I read all the Sundays... they each have different meanings ... # 2 seems grammatically incorrect no matter what... and # 1 & 3 differ in that one is EACH Sunday, while the other is All the Sundays what was the English you're supposed to match it to?


    Ok. #2 is wrong! #1 & #3 seem to give almost identical meaning.


    'je lis tous les dimanches' makes the most sense because sunday is plural and it shows it is every sunday. Hope that helps.


    So the first and third are correct, and both would translate to roughly the same as the english sentence. The second would mean somethig like I read all Sunday

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