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  5. "She prefers the countryside."

"She prefers the countryside."

Translation:Elle préfère la campagne.

May 4, 2020



Its the same as mine... except for accents which I cannot type on my cell.


You can get a french keyboard on your phone. Accents are important in french, as they often change the sound of words and the meaning of words.


If you are using a phone or tablet, you can switch keyboard programs or keyboards within the program. Microsoft SwiftKey has many keywords to choose from and they give you many accent options by holding the letter briefly. Also, you can add French to the languages your keyboard recognizes.


Duo is getting strict with spelling. Dinged for spelling campagne as compagne. Perhaps I'll remember now!


A bit harsh to be marked wrong for a forgotten space between words Duo.


Duo is inconsistent with what is marked wrong when I make a typo. Took a while before Duo pointed out I was writing couchon instead of cochon but instantly picks up on compagnie instead of compagne

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