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How many words are there in the French course?

I have been learning French for a little while now and was wondering how many words there are in the French course as of current. I think I've read online somewhere that to be fluent in a language you need to know 5,000 words, although I don't believe that as fluency cannot be rated upon level of vocabulary but capability to comprehend and speak a language.

May 4, 2020



You have 752 lexemes out of 4797 in the tree (https://duome.eu/Nathanjohncooper/progress)

5000 is basically B2 - but the difference is it is 5000 base words. That is including neither inflected nor derived words. DL includes derived words - and many inflections so the actual "official" number of words is much lower - half to a third.

The other thing is B2 is more than 5000 words. It is actively recalling 5000 words - not recognizing them and clicking. It is recognizing 5000 words when spoken by a native speaker at normal speed - even without their teeth. It is the grammar that wraps around that level. It is being beyond translation so when someone speaks to you in you TL you give a reply without translating.

All that said. The advantage of keeping track of your word count means you feel like you are achieving something. You are making progress.

Speaking of progress, I see you are taking each skill to level 5 in a short time. This is not recommended. Try https://blog.duolingo.com/whats-the-best-way-to-learn-with-duolingo/


Good reply, How can you log into see your progress on duome progress? Thanks J


You literally just point your web browser to "duome.eu slash Joe_Francais" - or whatever the username is - every DL username has a duome page, because all duome does is look at DL's public info on each user.



From 2018: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/27444256/Current-vocabulary-sizes-of-most-courses-in-Duolingo-Update-after-8-months

Some background about "Duolingo lexemes ids" (click the "?" sign on the Duome page for an explanation), lexemes (vocabulary API) and the updated lexemes counting (with the new code of the vocabulary API) since 2019.


What is "one word"?

Is "etre" one word? Or do all the conjugations count, too?

As you say, "fluent means 5000 words" is a rule-of-thumb generalisation, and even in that it's spectacularly wrong. You might "know" 10k words, but have zero clue about grammar. One thing's for sure - DL alone will not take you even close to fluency.

[deactivated user]

    For most official stats - including those for CEFR qualifications, être is one lexeme.

    However, in Duolingo's word it is 7 words: être, suis, es, est, sommes, êtes, sont

    Similarly, it counts both masculine and feminine variants of adjectives and so on - so it really gives a very inflated count.


    All the variations of etre are one word. All persons, singular and plural, all tenses, all moods - one word.



    The latest French tree (14) has 158 skills.
    Tree13 had 142 skills.
    Tree12 was the one with 156 skills.

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