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Appreciating the different accents

I think you have to accept that it takes time to become accustomed to the various sounds. At first I couldn't make out many of the words but I have now been doing my daily 60 /70 points for getting on for 5 months now and I notice a big difference. It doesn't take a million tries but maybe a dozen. Playing the words while comparing them to what you've written is good practice, as you start to see patterns. It would be nice to know where the accents come from. The spanish and french courses are really bland by comparison.

Another thing is that many folk just charge through the lessons expecting everyone to have the Gaelic equivalent of bbc english where the south-east accent has become the norm simply because that's where the power and influence lies. There are assorted Gaelic accents and no one "standard" but that will surely change once the powers that be decide to flex their muscles. The Gaelic Orthographic Convention is tied into school qualifications so that papers can be marked in a standard manner regarding spelling. I don't know if oral tests are part of exams, but no doubt soon enough there will be middle class professors and officials in colleges and government telling us how to pronounce our words.

I suppose the good thing then is that it will mean Gaelic is definitely be on the up and up!

May 4, 2020



Im not sure what exactly you are saying but it is good if Gaelic is on the up and up


I can say the languages are made to be changed in corse of the adge. See what happened at ancient Greek, Latin ect... What remain from that, a large of languages. One prof. says that the language will live if stay at his land. And the people who migrate will lose that language or conserve it in form's of primitive, so won't evolve.

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