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Bonaparte-themed stories?

I have recently been trying out the spanish course, which is fantastic. Though some of the stories are the same as for the other "bigger" courses here on Duolingo, the spanish have many of their own, amongst them the three-part story about Simón Bolívar. My main course is still the french one and so far I'm enjoying it more and more. Though I enjoy the stories, I really think that one about Napoleon Bonaparte would be a splendid addition that many would like. Also maybe some about other great french persons or litterature, like Camus. I think there is a lot of potential here.

What do you think?

May 4, 2020



I would prefer Asterix.


I think It would be a great idea. Learning a language is not only about grammar, it's a gateway to a new culture.


Duo gives only a solid basic level - after finishing the whole tasks - it it made by volunteers - there is no capacity to expant the learning with a lot of other things


There is always a way to improve things


The spanish-course did it with Simón Bolívar and "The Tell-Tale Heart" by EA Poe, why not also the french? (Of course you can find similar stuff on the net but the Duolingo-format is already very easy to use)


you can find many on the net


Sure, it would be nice, just as culture-specific stories would be nice for any language.

At the level of French your Duolingo progress indicates, try non-Duolingo French. Maybe you're ready for « Histoire d'un conscrit de 1813 », a classic Napoleonic story. (Note that there is a link to the text, which can also be found at sites like ebooks gratuits [see *** Rechercher les ebooks ***].) Or if that's too slow going for now, try finding graded reading to speed your progress, following what 01LearnFrench01 suggests in Listening Practice (or this comment, or French Classics). The graded reading mentioned at "Reading A-Z" is a great source of level-appropriate reading.

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