When learning new words in Dutch, I always like to learn whether you use "de" or "het," as well as the plural form of the word. To do this, I use

For a few of the words, like "appel," "hoorn," and "vogel," the first plural (or at least what I think is plural) forms for them that show up are as follows: appelen, hoornen, and vogelen. The second ones are: appels, hoorns, and vogels. The second ones are the only ones I've seen used so far.

When two forms show up like this, are you always supposed to use the second one? Is the first set incorrect?


July 24, 2014


Perhaps there's an alphabetical reason why 'appelen', 'hoornen' and 'vogelen' come first. These forms are not wrong, they're just outdated. Whereas 'appelen' may still be heard in everyday Dutch in the Netherlands, spoken by the older generation primarily, I have only come across 'hoornen' and 'vogelen' in old television content and texts. :)

Ah, okay. I was thinking they were still correct, but I didn't know they were outdated. You might be right, though. Perhaps it is because it's put in alphabetical order.

I want to thank you both for your response, and also for the work you put into making the Dutch course. People seem to be quite pleased by it, me included. I love all the silly sentences that are in there. There are lots of words taught in there that I haven't yet seen in the German course, so I'm trying to learn them in German as well as Dutch. XD Now I just wish there was more time in the day for learning! Sadly humans require sleep, so you have to take a break sooner or later.

Thanks again! (Sleeps before I start rambling more...)

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