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"I would like to fill up my wardrobe with these beautiful clothes."

Translation:Je voudrais remplir mon armoire avec ces beaux vêtements.

May 4, 2020



why not vetements beaux?


Why not "vetements beaux?" ... as per OlaSpongebob ...


these are one of the few exceptions where the adj goes in front of the noun: bon/mauvais, court/long, grand/petit, jeune/nouveau/vieux, gros, haut, beau, joli, premier, meilleur.

I hope I remember right


once more , "wardrobe" is garde-robe , and "armoire" is cabinet


Garde-robe is usually figurative for wardrobe. It represents one's wardrobe as it the clothes that one has. Armoire is too large to be a cabinet. I don't think it necessarily has to hold clothes, but it is a wardrobe-shaped cabinet. Cabinet is "placard." There is also "penderie", which is the place for hanging clothes.


I was going to use voudrais, but I made the mistake of checking the clues, time and time again I don't use the first suggestion as it may not make sense to me, to end up marked wrong, so I decided to go with the clue and I was right, I should have used voudrais not aimerais... I feel that there're some inaccuracies. Like the other day a lesson stated the names of the 2 people in the conversation, than followed up with a question about said people, one name was wrong, so I marked it false and they marked me wrong...


Should it not be "ma" armoire?


I thought so too then I remember before the vowel "A" in armoire, you have to use "mon" like mon amie (my girl friend)

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