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"A bheil an fhearg ort fhathast?"

Translation:Are you still angry?

May 4, 2020



Its also confusing that fhearg and dhearg sound the same just with different speed of pronunciation. Interesting that one means red and the other means angry though


I think the word for squirrel sounds like fhearg and dhearg, too: "fheòrag" (yorack) It would make an interesting tongue twister to use all three in a sentence!


Why does fhathast mean still and yet :( are you still angry? or are you angry yet? both realisable transalations but one is wrong...why is fhathast so contextual


I think my grandpa (Polish-American, not Scottish at all) used to use yet to mean still. "I'm at the store yet." "She's in school yet." It's interesting!


what is this ort" you have not yet explained it? I'm lost

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