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Best translation tools?

This may be a common question but I've been finding myself using various translation tools to check emails before sending and I'm just wondering if anyone has ones they prefer over others?

May 4, 2020



I typically use it as I like having the option of "correcting" it for a word I would be more likely to use.

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It's not really for whole sentences, but reverso is good for seeing actual translations of a word or phrase in context. Because the English sentences are right next to translations, you can focus on the sentences that have the meaning you intend, or change your input to try and get a result that more closely matches the meaning you want.


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    I agree that DeepL is the best for translations.

    Below are other resources that have been useful to me:

    French Notes:

    Translation Sites






    Free Radio

    Free TV:



    Daily News

    France 24 (dernier journal international)


    Listening Practice:

    French Grammar and Vocabulary

    • français facile - focuses on the grammar.

    • ELFE - With this content you can reach a college level in French. Accents are mandatory.

    • Memrise - offers five levels of French. It has recently been updated for more professional looking content.

    • Rosetta Stone - Many libraries also offer the Rosetta Stone software. I enjoy practicing French with this resource daily. However the following audio and worksheets are available to all online.

    • rbdigital Pimsleur audio courses - Don't know whether you are in the US or Canada. If you are, most libraries offer rbdigital which gives you access to Pimsleur audio courses on your computer or phone. I'm currently enjoying one of these courses.

    Online Courses

    Library Resources


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