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  5. "Hij draagt geen jas."

"Hij draagt geen jas."

Translation:He is not wearing a coat.

July 24, 2014



I'm not sure how correct this is; however, a dutch person explained it to me as: Hij draagt een jas - He wears a coat. Hij draagt (g)een jas - He does not wear a coat. Not sure how coherent this post was, hopefully it can be of some help to you.


Was about to ask where the een (a) came from in the translation. That explains a lot :D Thank you


Would "He wears no coat" or "He is wearing no coat" be considered correct?


It should be! If not, best report it.


Not an audio problem, but is anyone else finding it very hard to distinguish "geen" from "een" here?


Yes. I got it wrong the first time it presented because I typed een. I somehow managed to remember when it repeated, and got it right this time, but they sound identical to me here.


I still have a problem with using - a - or not before words like the sentence could sb help me plz ??


Confused......confused, where is "a" come from ???


Thank you! This makes so much more sense now.


Ali I'm in the same boat. I would have thought it said hij draagt geen een jas. I'm so confused X(


There is no een why a coat?!


It is not exactly related to this unit but I have to ask somewhere, how can we distinguish in Dutch the translation of present Continuos? Because I cannot get it I don't know how to translate the English present continuous to dutch


Gee, why is 'he is not wearing any coat' getting rejected? Sounds pretty correct...


"Hij draagt een jas" gets marked right on the "Type what you hear" question, but it's obviously wrong. (I missed the difference at normal speed, though it's obvious on the slowed down version.)


Same with me. I actually typed "Hij draagt een jas" and still got it correct, however the translation showed it actually was "He is not wearing a coat".


Why "he doesn't wear jacket" is wrong


Singular nouns need an article in English, so it would have to be "a jacket" (or "jackets").

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