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"I remember when I started to cover this subject."

Translation:Eu me lembro de quando comecei a cobrir este assunto.

May 7, 2013



Yes, I left out the 'de' and got marked wrong despite Paulenrique saying that it was right without the de a year ago. Does DL not ever correct its mistakes ?


No. Essa é quase a poir pergunta do Duolingo em portugues


my translation - eu lembro quando eu comecei a cobrir este assunto- is not accepted


I just commented on the other exercise that gives the exact opposite: eu lembro quando.... They marked it wrong a few minutes ago as a response to translating from this English phrase, so i jumped through the hoop and spit back what was wanted this time.

Get it together duolingo!


duolingo, please check why there is a wrong spelling for the 1st person - eu comeceu - instead of - eu comecei- shown to us in the translation


Can "me lembro" work here as well?


I do not understand why the "a" is needed before cobrir in this sentence. Would it be correct to say "...quando comecei cobrir este assunto"?


Depending on what you mean, you use começar + a + verb.

  • Começo a trabalhar semana que vem (I start working next week).

Sometimes, when you state your routine, describe steps, you can also use começar + gerund.

  • Comece se exercitando.... (Start exercising...).

Começar + noun — começo meu livro esta semana (I start my book this week)


I omitted 'a' and the correction told me, "You need the article "a" here." Is it an article in this context, or a preposition?


It comes before a verb, so it is a preposition, and omitting it is actually wrong.


I had given this exact above translation but was flunked with the following correction : "Eu me lembro de quando eu comeceu a cobrir este assunto." !! What verb time is this "comeceu" form ?


"comeceu" is obviously wrong. "Comecei" is the correct answer here.


Thanks for this correction. I hope duoLingo team will hear you soon.:)


I wrote : eu lembro quando comecei a cobrir este assunto The 'correct' answer given: Eu lembro de quando comeceu a cobrir este assunto.


Your sentence is right, not the suggested one.


yes why "de" is needed after "lembro" this is non understanding


You have to use "se lembrar de". This verb has a preposition.


why is "Eu me lembro de quando comecei a cobrir este sujeto" not accepted?


"sujeito" is used to refer to people.


Why is this translation not accepted? Lembro-me de quando comecei a abordar esse assunto

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